2013 ASISC Annual Meeting Presentations

“Small Changes Leading to Big Improvements in Productivity" - Jon Maki, Kemira

“Applying Innovation to Integrated Steelmaking Byproducts Management" - Mark Conedera, US Steel

“Green Chemistry for Iron Ore Processing" - Joshua Carlson, CNR

“Feasibility of an Air Classifier to Recover Metallic Particles from Analytical Samples" - Hrishikesh Shinde, MTU

“Behavior of Aqueous Ions during Hematite Ore Filtration" - Howard Haselhuhn, MTU

“Effect of Green Ball Properties on their Screening Behavior" - Mathieu Dubé, COREM

“Cost Benefits for the Use of Organic Iron Pellet Binder" - Jim Arduino, Kemira

"A Comparative Study of Corn Starches with Varying Viscosities as Supplemental Iron Ore Binders" - Jacob McDonald, MTU

"Production of High Quality DR Grade Pellets" - Basak Anameric, NRRI

"When Laboratory Work and Operating Plants Don't Agree: Commercializing the Caron Ammonia-ammonia Carbonate Ni Process" - Larry Southwick, LMSouthwick Consulting

"Stone Use in Iron Ore and Blast Furnace Processes" - David Rudy, Carmeuse Lime and Stone

"Investigation of Hardwood Char as a Bed Material in Iron Ore Reduction" - Katrina Swanson, MTU

"Effects of Mineral Oxides on the Precipitation Micro-Morphology of Metallic Iron in the Reduction of Iron Oxides under CO Atmosphere" - Zhancheng Guo, UST, Beijing

"Progress Report for the Design of a CO2 Rich Flue Gas Direct Injection and Storage Demonstration Facility in the Keweenaw Basalts of the Mid-Continental Rift System of the Lake Superior Region" - Paul Metz, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

"The Effects of Absorbent Temperature and Flue Gas Impurities on Carbon Dioxide Absorption in Carbonate Solutions" - Brett Spigarelli, MTU

"Iron Ore Pellet Dustiness Part I: Factors Affecting Dust Generation" Joseph Halt, MTU

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