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2012 ASISC Annual Meeting


Sustainability in Ironmaking and Steelmaking – An Introspective Approach – Glenn Hoffman, Cardero Iron Ltd.

Development of Advanced Iron Ore Metallization Technology with Application of Biomass Derived Reductant Carbon – Don Fosnacht, Dave Hendrickson, Richard Kiesel, David Englund, UMD - NRRI

Adreanne Simard, Golden Associates and Komar Kawatra

Jason Ripke and Tim Eisele

Scott Rasmussen, Cliffs Natural Resources, Kevin Czupinski, Cliffs Natural Resources

Brett Spigarelli, Komar Kawatra, Howard Haselhuhn
John Simmons and Glenn Hoffman
Joseph Narciso and Wayne Bull, Kemira
Todd Davis, Mathieu Dubé, COREM, Jon Maki, Mika Martikainen, Forrest Strickland Komar Kawatra, Steve Valine

Improved iron ore grinding circuit performance with Derrick Stacksizer™ Screen – Steve Valine, Derrick Equipment Company

Upgrading Waste Hematite – Richard Snoby, Allminerals LLC, Claudio Ribeiro, Allminerals LLC.

Joseph Narciso, Kemira

Forrest Strickland, Kemira, Wayne Bull, Kemira, Mika Martikainen, Todd Davis, Cliffs Natural Resources, Jon Maki, SEH Inc

Brett Spigarelli, Justin Carlson, Jacob McDonald

Komar Kawatra and Mika Martikainen

Synthetic polymer binders – Their properties and the usage in iron ore pelletization – Mika Martikainen

Daniel Hamiltin, ArcelorMittal

Mathieu Dubé

“Geological and Geotechnical Site Characterization for the Design of a CO2 Rich Flue Gas Direct Injection and Storage Facility in the Keweenaw Basalts and gabbroic rocks of the Mid-Continental Rift System of the Lake Superior Region” – Paul Metz, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Todd Davis, Scott Rasmussen, Cliffs Natural Resources

Jayson Ripke, Cardero Iron Ltd.

Howard Haselhuhn

Komar Kawatra, Jayson Ripke

Jayson Ripke

Komar Kawatra, Jayson Ripke

The Mining Association of Canada's Towards Sustainable Mining Program – Michelle Jarvie Eggart, Barr Engineering

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