ASISC Membership

The advantages and benefits to be gained by all members include:

  1. Process improvements and any other technology transfer that flow from any site-specific studies
  2. Access to a very broad range of research outcomes
  3. Receipt of technical summary reports on the findings of all research programs within the Center, regardless of the level of sponsorship
  4. Royalty-free access to, and use of, any optimization tools developed by the Center
  5. Involvement in discussions with other sponsors on technical problems, and the sharing of relevant information and solutions
  6. Involvement in a multi-disciplined research program with multi-national sponsorship base and multi-national research collaboration
  7. Development and maintenance of a critical mass of research infrastructure in iron and steel production, with access to experienced research staff for ad hoc advice and assistance in a range of technical areas
  8. A source of well qualified and trained students for the industries workforce
  9. Discounts on commercialized products of research
  10. Extremely high leverage of each sponsors’ research funding investment
  11. Further education and training.

In addition, members have ten votes on the Industrial Advisory Board. They are able to nominate their sites as research sites for evaluation and validation of some of the research outcomes. This gives the opportunity to have a concurrent program of research undertaken on a specific issue related to the operation. Members are also able to access the project team for a detailed presentation/seminar arranged for their company representatives on two occasions during the life of the project.

The cost of membership is $25,000/year. Membership fees are expected to increase at approximately 3% per year.


Questions? Contact ASISC Staff, 906-487-3132

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