Past Research Projects


Single-Step Ironmaking from Ore to Improve Energy Efficiency

Verification of Steelmaking Slag Iron Content, Recycle and Reuse of Steel Slags

Prevention of Self-Heating of Swarf

Ultrasonic Removal of Mill Scale from Continuous Strip

Chemistry and Physics of Taconite Agglomeration

Production of Inorganic Pellet Binders from Coal Fly Ash

Novel Binders and Methods for Agglomeration of Ore

Temperature and Viscosity Effects in Mineral Comminution Circuits

Optimization of Comminution Circuit Throughput and Product Size Distribution by Simulation and Control

Bacterial Extraction of Phosphorus from Iron Ore


An Approach to Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage at Ambient Conditions: Laboratory Studies

Binding Effects in Hematite and Magnetite Concentrates

Design of a Jig for Separating Minerals of Very Similar Densities

The Effect of CO2 Sparging on the Flocculation and Filtration Rate of Concentrated Hematite Slurries

Pilot Scale Studies of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage at Ambient Conditions

Magnetic Field Enhanced Filtration of Concentrated Hematite Ore

Enhanced Ex-Situ Mineral Carbonation at Ambient Conditions with Industrial Waste

Feasibility Study: Separation Techniques for Very Similar Minerals


Increased Carbon Dioxide Absorption Rates in Carbonate Solutions by Surfactant Addition

Water Chemistry Effects on Zeta Potential of Concentrated Hematite Ore

Investigation of Jigging as a Method for Removing Dolomite from High-MgO Phosphate Ores*

The Effects of Pellet Size and Bentonite Content on Iron Ore Pellet Dustiness

Effects of Chemical Additives on Hematite Agglomeration Properties

Dispersant Adsorption and Effectiveness during Gravity Separation


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