CM 4110: Unit Operations Lab

Fall 2015


Evaluation Forms

Peer Evaluation Form

Report Grading Form

Oral Presentation Grading Form



Safety Information

CM4110 Safety Manual

PAWS Web Resources

Sample PAWS report

Copy of blank JSA Form

JSA Instructions (.pdf file)

Safety Inspection Checklist Form



Laboratory Experiments

Air Cycloning

Cooling Tower


Flow Measurement and Control



Comminution (Crushing & Grinding)

Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Fixed Bed Reactor

Non-Newtonian Flow

Heat Transfer Shell & Tube

Polymer Extrusion

Membrane Separation

Pumping B

PDMS Bench-Scale Reaction

Vacuum Drying

Pumping A

Water Treatment



Report/Presentation Helpers:

Example Oral Presentation

The Seven Deadly Sins of Powerpoint Presentations, by Dr. Joseph Sommerville

Piping and Equipment Symbols

Graphing Guidelines

Presentation of Sample Calculations

Error Analysis

Avoiding Plagiarism (.pdf file)

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