CM 4120: Chemical Plant Operations Lab

Spring 2016

last update June 26, 2015


Laboratory Facilities

Unit Operations Lab

Virtual Lab Tour

Solvent Recovery Unit

PDMS Reactor Unit


Safety Information

CM4120 Safety Manual

CM4120 Safety Orientation

PAWS Web Resources

JSA Form

Cycle 1 Safety Committee

Cycle 2 Safety Committee


Report/Presentation Helpers

Evaluation Forms

OWL Report Writing

Peer Evaluation Form

Example Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation Evaluation Form

Piping Symbols

Caspary's Project Evaluation Criteria

Avoiding Plagiarism




Additional Links:

Advanced Process Control (APC) White Papers

Emerson Process Management

OSIsoft, Inc.

International Society of Automation

Getting Started with Delta V

Getting Started with OSIsoft PI

PI-SQC User Manual

PI Instruction Manual


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