Annotated source bibliography

Due November 7th.

It’s time to start pulling together the list of source materials for the term paper. The sources that may be used includes almost anything! Movies, cartoons, commercials, Websites, comic books, text books, discussions, library resources, or any other valuable input are OK. The annotated bibliography should include:


1.         A brief introduction of what you are writing on.

2.         How you have gone about your search.

3.         A list of materials you have collected to date (should include at least 8 sources to begin)

4.         Comments on each of the sources.

5.         A summary at the end discussion where you are in the search, the success (or lack thereof) you have had, and where you intend to turn now.

The bibliography is due on November 7th in class, or as an Email attachment to me. You should have a handout of an example annotated bibliography that I think is acceptable. I intend these write ups to be “working” bibliographies from which to construct your paper, and not neccessarily scholarly annotated bibliograaphies that are sometimes published. So you can include pictures, graphics, etc along with each reference if you like.