Comic Book Analysis Paper - A Visual Exercise

Due prior to Thanksgiving break

One obvious writing exercise for a class on Comics, is to do a visual and textual analysis of a comic book. Sooooo, select a comic book, graphic novel, trade paperback, etc. of your choice o review. If you would like me to provide or select a comic for you, please let me know. This 2-3 page report should contain at least 3 of the following elements:

        A brief retelling of the story or actions taking place in your own words.

        Your observations on the artistic style(s) employed; e.g.- realistic, simple, abstract, detailed backgrounds, etc.

        A brief Scott McCloud type analysis of the types of transitions, panel use, use of text, color, sounds, and icons.

        The message being conveyed in the text and the quality of story telling.

        How the story “reads” with just the text, or just the images.

        The underlying cultural messages of the story.

        What about the book does words in an essay like this fail to capture.

        How the cover “sells” the book, and represents the actual story inside.

        Your overall impression of the combined elements of art, word, and semiotics.

        Possible comic antecedents for the book you read.

        How would this book or story lend itself to adaptation as a movie, animated cartoon, or video game.

All of the papers should be prepared using a word processor and conform to at least the following rules:

        Double spaced, 12 pt. type.

        1" margins.

        Titled with name and date of this version.

        No more than 3 pages (numbered), including all graphics and references.

        Spell checked, and reviewed for proper grammar (the writing center may be helpful here.)

        Stapled, no cover or binder.