Pictures and words: A Practice session.

Draw a picture illustrating the following (no words allowed):

A bowl of fruit.

A pig with a hat.

Porcupine in house.

These are object representations and are pretty straight forward using pictures or words. Let’s try actions:

A man playing a violin.

A baby crying.

A boy flying a kite.

Relationships and interactions are also easily done.

A man playing Frisbee with his dog.

A woman yelling at her kids for breaking a window.

Kids playing hide-and-go-seek.

Abstract ideas and qualities are a mixed bag.

A man playing a violin badly.

A student dreaming up an excuse for not having done his homework.

A crowd of people waiting the final outcome in a sporting event.

Finally, sometimes words and pictures together are best!

A boy who is disappointed in what he got for Christmas (clothes).

A girl catching her boyfriend with another girl., and dumps him.

A soccer player accidentally scores in his own team’s goal, losing the game!