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'Women in Engineering' Students Learn about the Chemical Engineering

High School students visiting Michigan Tech for the Women in Engineering Summer program learned about the university's academic programs. In addition to the academic programs, WIE participants were given an introduction to Michigan Tech's enterprise program, more specifically the Alternative Fuels Group enterprise which has it's origins in Chemical Engineering.

The John Deere e-Gator, as shown, is an electric sport utility vehicle. Originally the vehicle is propelled via batteries, however, members of the Alternative Fuels Group enterprise added a 1.2 kW fuel cell that runs off hydrogen in effort to extend battery life, ultimately providing a longer operational range. Alternate Fuels Group members who made the presentation were Nick Kozenka (MET), Mike Miller (Chem Eng PhD student), and Michael Shaffer (EE).
The Alternative Fuels Group enterprise is sponsored by TACOM, the US Army's Tank, Automotive, and Armaments Command. Alt Fuels' contract with TACOM involves the design and construction of a hybrid 'MULE' to be used as a human transport. The ground vehicle will weigh up to a ton and will include a fuel cell to provide at least 20 minutes of silent propulsion. The enterprise team also works in conjunction with AIChE on the Chem-E car, the competition aspect of the enterprise. For more information, visit Alternative Fuels Enterprise web site.

Students participated in various activities related to chemical engineering, including a new prouct development projects with the members of the Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise. In photo at left, Dr. Tony Rogers with enterprise team members in back row.

The mission of the Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise is to provide students with hands-on experience identifying and solving real world engineering problems by developing and applying technical, professional and entrepreneurial skills.


The Women in Engineering program participants in 2004:

Average GPA was 3.90
27 were ranked #1 in the class
30% are potential valedictorians
81% are in the top 10% of their class

Ilinois: 6
Iowa: 5
Wisconsin: 16
Minnesota: 13
Michigan: 68
Other states: 8


About the Women In Engineering Program

Explorations in Engineering

Women in Engineering Role Model Speakers
Michigan Tech Alumni

Katy Arkenberg WE Energies EE '01
Kim Dunnebacke Textron ME '92
Elizabeth Evers Proctor & Gamble Chem Engg '01
Pamela Holllingsworth Ford ME '86
Rose Koronkiewicz SRI Quality System ME '81 & MBA
Debby Kozol Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation CE '84
Stacey Kropp Kimberly-Clark ME '96
Nicole Leicht Kimberly-Clark Chem Eng '00
Jan Makela WE Energies ME '01
Melanie McCoy DTE ME '79
Kim Nowack Mackinaw Bridge Authority CE '85
Explorations in Engineering Participants
Alternate Fuels Group members and visitors
Nicole Leicht, a 2000 grad, of Kimberly Clark speaking to participants.
Women in Engineering Mentors, recent grads who shared their experiences with the students
Class session
Elizabeth Evers of the class of 2001, now with Proctor and Gamble

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