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To complete the capstone design experience, students may take CM4861 CM Design Laboratory 2 (1 credit) spring semester of their senior year.  In this lab students are given two projects to apply technical and economical techniques to develop a chemical process into an optimized design.

In the first design project, students work in teams to use process synthesis techniques and market research to develop a conceptual design for a proposed new venture.
In the second design project, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) National Student Design Problem is completed as an individual.  For this problem, AIChE has chemical engineers from a designated company devise a student contest problem that typifies a real, working, chemical engineering design situation. The problem's solution requires a wide range of skills in calculation and evaluation of both technical data and economic factors.

Up to two of the best student projects completed in CM4861 are selected by the design faculty to compete in the AIChE National Student Design Competition.  These problems are judged by chemical engineers to determine the best solution.  Students from Michigan Tech have received national contest recognition in recent years.  Past MTU contest winners include:

  • 2009 Terry Mazure, 2nd place, National Student Design Competition - Individual

  • 2009 John Krystof, 3rd place, National Student Design Competition - Individual

  • 2005 Christopher Hill, Ted Ventrone Award for Inherent Safety

  • 2002 Jonathan Molloy, 1st Place, National Student Design Competition - Individual

  • 1995 Joanna Giovanoli & Corina Lupu - 2nd place, Plastics Recycling Competition

  • 1995 Daniel Cox, Shannon McCarthy, & Trevor Wilhelmson - 3rd place, Plastics Recycling Competition

  • 1994 Heidi (Myers) Bergman, 3rd Place, National Student Design Competition - Individual

  • 1992 Jeffrey Ferrio, 1st Place, National Student Design Competition - Individual

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