Michigan Tech


1. Development of Lightweight, Thermally Conductive Bipolar Plates for Improved Thermal Management in Fuel Cells (King, Keith)

2. Exploration of pseudomorphic overlayer bimetallic catalysts for CO removal following fuel reforming to minimize electrode poisoning (Holles)

3. Development of Hybrid Nanocomposites (Mullins)

4. Development of Oriented Polymeric Materials for Membrane Applications (Gilbert)

5. Preparation of graphitic carbon foam current collectors (MTU: T. Rogers; Clemson University: O. Mefford)

6. Development of lightweight carbon electrodes using graphitic carbon foams for battery and fuel cell applications (MTU: T. Rogers, B. Cornilsen, M. Chye, W. Yeo)

7. Movement of Water in Fuel Cell Electrodes (Allen)

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