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Development of Hybrid Nanocomposites (Mullins)

Poly(L-Lactic) Acid (PLLA) microparticles were successfully fabricated using electrospray in the Taylor cone-jet mode. Studies in the first phase were focused on the effect of nozzle, collector, polymer concentration, applied voltage, organic solvent, salt additive, and surfactant to the particles size and size distribution.  The next phase of this project is to develop a core-shell structure to encapsulate inorganic alkoxides in the microparticles using co-axial electrospray.  Also, the pulsed voltage which is controlled by an electronic switch will be applied to the spray nozzle to charge the driving fluid instead of the DC voltage which has been widely used in the other conventional methods.  This new modification is expected to reduce the particle’s size and also to narrow the size distribution.



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