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Safety and Health Division Committee Structure

The Safety and Health Division has a committee structure and membership to enhance our services to our members. The committees include: 

  • Programming: Coordinates meeting topics between Divisions to maximize the effectiveness of our AIChE meetings (Spring and Fall meetings).
  • Awards: Evaluates contributions of its members and bestows two awards for significant achievements: the Norton H. Walton/Russell L. Miller and the William H. Doyle Awards.
  • Membership: Coordinates activities to encourage AIChE members to participate in the Division programs (Division dues are $36 annually).
  • Publications: This committee coordinates activities to enhance the value of its publications. The Division has four publications: 
    • Safety and Health News (quarterly),
    • Ammonia Proceedings
    • Loss Prevention Proceedings (annually), and
    • Process Safety Progress magazine (quarterly). 

The news and magazines are received via membership in the division. The proceedings are available at the symposia and through AIChE publications

  • Continuing Education Committee: This committee assists AIChE to develop an offering of courses that are valuable learning experiences for our membership and others. There are continuing efforts to develop a curricula to assist our members advance from one to another phase of their careers.
  • Government: The Government committee provides a liaison between the AIChE Government Relations Committee and our division membership. This responsibility includes disseminating important information to members, and/or to inform AIChE when members have concerns with government issues.  Several recent activities include the development of an AIChE position paper on the use of risk assessment and a letter to the President of the United States recommending an appointment of a chemical engineer to the Chemical Hazard and Accident Investigation Board.
  • Research Liaison: This committee provides a liaison between our division membership and AIChE. AIChE has major research activities with the government.



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