Vision of the MTU Hazards Evaluation Laboratory

The increased emphasis on process safety has resulted in an increased need for a better understanding of how the physical properties of a material are used to process a hazard material safely. This increased need has shown that:

  1. Needed data is frequently lacking, of low quality, or proprietary.

  2. Opportunities exist to improve the fundamental nature of these properties.

  3. Opportunities are available to improve equipment and procedures based on improved computer control / data acquisition.

The laboratory will work closely with industry to achieve these objectives.

The initial efforts in the laboratory will be to acquire existing equipment to improve the quality of data and to extend the range of data available. This equipment will involve properties related to flammability (flash point, flammability limits, auto ignition limits) and reactivity (self heat rate, maximum pressure rise). This effort will also look at properties of mixtures. For reactive systems, efforts will be directed towards developing a single thermodynamic function to include both temperature and pressure rate effects. These studies will improve our fundamental understanding of those properties.

Future efforts will develop new methods and procedures to improve the characterization of the properties of hazardous materials.

We keep in touch with industrial concerns through our Safety Advisory Board:

Members of the Hazards Lab Group

This is what we as individuals do to realize the vision.

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