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The Division recognizes significant contributions to the field of loss prevention and safety by bestowing the Norton H. Walton/Russell L. Miller and the William H. Doyle Awards.

Norton H. Walton/Russell L. Miller Award

The Norton H. Walton / Russell L. Miller Award is sponsored by the Safety and Health Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).  The award recognizes outstanding achievements in and contributions to chemical engineering in the areas of loss prevention, safety, and health.  Its objectives are to encourage the continuation of such contributions and to enhance the visibility, recognition, and value of the Division within AIChE.

The following rules govern the granting of this award:

  • The award is granted at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the Division, but not more than once each calendar year.
  • The award is presented at the Division’s Annual Dinner Meeting, held during the AIChE Spring National Meeting.
  • The award consists of a commemorative plaque, complimentary full registration for the AIChE Spring meeting and the Division dinner, and a monetary award.
  • Nominees must be members of the Institute, but need not be members of the Division.

The Safetyand Health Division of AIChE is proud to announce that the 2011 Norton H. Walton/Russell L. Miller Award recipient is:

Raymond A. “Randy” Freeman

The Norton H. Walton/Russell L. Miller Award in Safety/Loss Prevention is given by the Safety and Health Division of AIChE in recognition of outstanding chemical engineering contributions and achievements in the Loss Prevention, Safety and Health fields. Its objective is to encourage the continuation of such contributions and enhance the visibility, recognition and value of the Division within AIChE.
The Safety and Health Division is pleased to announce the election of Randy Freeman as the 2011 Walton-Miller award winner.  Randy is a former Monsanto employee, who after his retirement has remained professionally active as a consultant and process safety expert. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Rolla, Randy is a Fellow of AIChE, a Fellow of CCPS, and a member of Rolla’s Academy of Chemical Engineering.
Randy has served on the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating  Council (CTOC) of AIChE, a sub-committee of the AIChE Board of Directors (1999-2000), and as a long-time member of the Safety and Health Division, has chaired or co-chaired numerous sessions and symposia, including the 2003 Process Plant Safety Symposium.  He served as the Safety and Health Division chair in 1999, and has more than 20 technical publications where he was the sole or primary author.
In addition to his service to AIChE, Randy has served the International Society of Automation (ISA) S84 Committee for the development of standards and methods for Safety Instrumented Systems for the past 16 years, and was awarded their Certificate of Appreciation for work on the S84 Committee In the Development of S84.01 – 1996, “Application of Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industries.”  He has also served as Chairman of the United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 7- 8 Hazardous Substance Research Center Science Advisory Committee (1992 -1994).

A Professional Engineer in two states, as well as a Certified Safety Professional and a Certified Environmental Specialist, Randy personifies the stated intent of the Walton-Miller award, demonstrating professional expertise and contribution to Loss Prevention for more than 40 years.  The Division and its officers

Norton H. Walton/Russell L. Miller Award


Walter B. Howard


Eugene S. DeHaven


Stanley S. Grossel


William J. Bradford


T. A. Ventrone


Gui LeGendre


Robert Ormsby


Richard F. Schwab


John A. Davenport


Joseph F. Louvar
Daniel Crowl

Laurence Britton

Henry Febo

Gary J. Powers

Dennis C. Hendershot
No recipient
John F. Murphy
Sam Mannan
Randy Freeman

Please consider nominating a qualified candidate. Further information about the award can be found: Download Nomination Form (>Adobe PDF 9kB)

William H. Doyle Award

The William H. Doyle Award is presented to the presenter of the best paper given at each Symposium by the Loss Prevention Committee. The committee considers both technical content and presentation effectiveness. The criteria are that the paper:

  • Must be clear and well presented. Audio-visual aids must be clear and effective.
  • Should have wide applicability to loss prevention efforts in the chemical industry.
  • Adds substantial knowledge to the field of loss prevention.
  • Engages and stimulates the intellect of the audience.
  • Would cause BILL DOYLE to rise to his feet, ask a penetrating question, make decisive comments, and then lead the applause.


1985 James McQuaid Trials in Dispersion of Heavy Gas Clouds
1986 Trevor A. Kletz Inherently Safer Plants
1987 Laurence G. Britton Thermal Stability of Ethylene at Elevated Pressures
  Ian Swift The Performance of Low Pressure Vents
1988 Robert A. Mancini The Use (and Misuse) of Bonding for Control of Static Ignition
1989 Dean K. Wilson Failure Mode Management: A Loss Prevention Philosophy for Programmable Logic Controllers
1990 Laurence G. Britton Combustion Hazards of Silane and Monosilicon Chlorides
1991 Daniel A. Crowl Using Thermodynamic Availability to Determine the Energy of Explosions
1992 A. M. Dowell Flashback from Waste Gas Incinerators into Air Supply Piping
1993 J. E. S. Venart To BLEVE or not to BLEVE: Anatomy of a Boiling Liquid-Expanding Vapor Explosion
1994 Norman E. Scheffler Vapor Suppression of Chemicals Using Foam
1995 T. C. Hofelich Compatibility Determination Procedures to Comply with Legislation HM-183
1996 Ronald G. Eierman Improving Inherent Safety with Seal-less Pumps
1997 Franco Tamanini Modeling of Panel Inertia Effects in Vented Dust Explosions
1998 Norbert Jaeger Determination, Prevention, and Mitigation of Potential Hazards Due to the Handling of Powders during Transportation, Charging, Discharging and Storage
1999 Dennis C. Hendershot Peroxide Drum Explosion and Fire
2000 Peggy Westfall-Lake Human Factors: Preventing Catastrophic Human Error in 24-Hour Operations
  Chad V. Mashuga Flammability Zone Prediction Using Calculated Adiabatic Flame Temperatures
2001 Dr. Angela E. Summers, PE Using Instrumented Systems for Overpressure Protection
  Peter N. Lodal Case History: Steam Line Rupture at Tennessee Eastman Division 11/3/98
2002 Robert W. Johnson

Thomas L. Oakey

Combustion Safeguards Test Intervals-Risk Study and Industry Survey
2003 Dennis C. Hendershot Connections: How a Pipe Failure Resulted in Resizing Vessel Emergency Relief Systems
2004 Erdem A. Ural Airplane Fuel Tank Explosions
2005 Peter N. Lodal Distant Replay: What Can Reinvestigation of A 40-Year Old Incident Tell You?
2006 Erdem A. Ural Dust Explosion Venting Through Ducts
2007 Ronald J. Willey The Accident at Bhobal: Observations 20 Years Later
2008 Lisa Long Vinyl Chloride Monomer Explosion

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