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The Safety and Health Division is involved with several publications through AIChE.  In addition, a quarterly newsletter (Adobe PDF) is distributed to current members.  Details on current publications are available through the directory.

While the publications are thoroughly reviewed prior to publication, typographical errors do exist.  The following includes a list of errata documents for selected publications.  Please download the documents and update selected information.

Errata Sheets

Center for Chemical Process Safety
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
New York, NY

Guidelines for Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis
2nd Edition (2000)

Page 454: Adobe PDF 29.5 Kb
Chapter 2:
(MS Word 97 23.5 kb) (Adobe PDF 29.5 Kb) 01/30/2006

Guidelines for Consequence Analysis of Chemical Releases (1999)
(Adobe PDF 9.6kb) (MS Word 97 23.5 kb) 01/30/2006:

Guidelines for Pressure Relief and Effluent Handling Systems (1998)
Part I: (Adobe PDF 176 kb)
Part_I_Text_CCPS_Guidelines_Errata (Adobe PDF)

Part II: (Adobe PDF 21 kb)
Part_II_New_Text_CCPS_Guidelines_Errata (Adobe PDF)

Part III: (Adobe PDF 9 kb)
Part IV: (Adobe PDF 8 kb)
Part V: (Adobe PDF 9 kb)
(Some of these corrections have been made in the new print 2001)

Effluent Errata_I_and_II
(Adobe PDF)

Guidelines for Safe Storage and Handling of Reactive Materials (1995)
(Adobe PDF 61 kb)
(MS Word 19 kb)

Guidelines for Analyzing and Managing the Security Vulnerability of Fixed Chemical Sites (2002)
(MS Word 65 kb)

Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) (2001)
(MS Word 23.5 kb)

Estimating the Flammable Mass of a Vapor Cloud (1999)
(MS Word 23.5 kb)

Wind Flow and vapor Dispersion at Industrial and Urban Sites (2002)
(MS Word 23.5 kb)

Avoiding Static Ignition Hazards in Chemical Operations (1999)
(MS Word 23.5 kb)

Practical Compliance with EPA Risk Management Program (1999)
(Adobe PDF 10 kb)

Errata For Electrostatic Ignitions of Fires and Explosions (1997)
(Adobe PDF 8 kb)

Errata: Emergency Relief System Design Using DIERS Technology – The DIERS Project Manual (1992)
(Adobe PDF 63 kb)

DPM Errata
(Adobe PDF)




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